Nebelung Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Cats of the Nebelung breed are luxurious pets. Their main attraction is the unique soft, silky hair mole, which creates the impression of silver morning mist. Perhaps it is because the rock and name "Nebelung", which means "child of a fog." And in addition to taking the unique wool also emerald eyes and a graceful gait - are incredible, just get an unbeatable home treasure that will always amaze your guests with its beauty.

How Much Does a Nebelung Cat Cost and Price Range

The average price for a Nebelung kitten is from $300 to $500. Sure, if you want the top-quality cat which will suit the shows, then you will have to pay more. The show quality cat will cost you about $800-$900. You should choose the breeder carefully and ask him to provide you with all necessary documents.

Nebelung Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Nibelung is a cat of a medium size, elegant but strong and muscular. The body is slightly elongated, slender with long graceful legs, legs. The tail is long, evenly tapering to a rounded tip. Head is in a wedge shape of medium length, with high cheekbones and a flat skull. In the profile, the angle is expressed in the transition from the forehead to the nose straight.

The muzzle is clearly delineated, emphasized by angular whisker pads, chin is strong. The ears are rather large, with pointed tips and weakly developed pubescence. The eyes are large, oval, slanting, bright green. Wool of the Nebelung cat is of medium length, very thin of delicate texture, not adjoining, with abundant undercoat. There is a silver tipping, devoid of shade, and without white hairs.

Colors: Blue, preferably by mid-tone intensity, uniform hue, with a distinct silvery sheen due to the tips of top hair which haven't been coloured. As for the weight, boys weigh about 5-6 kilos and girls weigh not more than 4 kg.

Nebelung Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

There are some interesting facts about the Nebelung cat.

The largest cat of this breed was from England, by the name Puss. It died on the 36th year of its life in 1939.

The most incredible record had a cat of Argentina - Mincho. It has climbed the tree and died there after 6 years, without going down from the tree, and brought the hosts three litters.

38 degrees is a normal temperature in these cats.

Man is less subject to stress and heart diseases due to cats.

28899 - is the number of mice that the cat can catch. During 21 years of its life tortoiseshell cat, who lived in Scotland, named Towser caught 28,899 mice, i.e., about 4 mice per day.

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