Ten Tips On Decorating Your Fireplace Candelabra

It's always pleasant to enjoy the cool air in early spring and the fascinating fragrances of the first green grass and tree blossoms. Of course at this time few people think about their fireplace. After cleaning your fireplace you can put aside the unused firewood for the next year. But it would be unfair to forget about your fireplace that warmed you up during the coldest winter months. The fireplace can remain the central point in your house even in summer.

In reality, you can use your fireplace in summer without much heat of the fire and this is possible with a fireplace candelabrum that will provide you with some warmth during cool evenings. Besides, it will add style to your fireplace and the whole room. So, just buy one fireplace candelabrum and locate it in your fireplace. In order to make your fireplace candelabra even more attractive and unique follow the following tips on decorating your fireplace candelabra.

1. Get some Fabric to enhance the look of your Fireplace candelabra when you donít light the candles. This will add some color to your fireplace. Select the desired color and create the most suitable design for your home d?cor. A yard of good fabric will do for your decoration. You can just wrap the fabric around the candelabrum as well as in and out of its spindles. Some fabric can bunch and billow out at different intervals. Always remove the fabric before lighting the candles.

2. Apply diverse candle colors for different events, for instance, for some holiday the colors should be associated with the current celebration. This easy trick will greatly enhance the look of the room as well as improve the mood of your guests. The candlesí colors can be also associated with the season. They can be green in spring, while in winter, yellow in summer and orange in autumn.

3. Get the candles of different sizes for designer purpose. Itís interesting to know that one can get a completely different design by only changing the shape and size of the candles. Simultaneously use a few sizes of column candles or use several globe candles in the front while some column candles in the back. Experiment with your ideas and check up what you like most.

4. Use your fireplace candelabra outside. Due to the high quality and sturdiness of your fireplace candelabrum you can take it outside to decorate, for instance, your patio table. If youíre going to have a picnic outdoors, use it for decorating your long picnic table. You can also enhance the look of your front door and back door with attractive fireplace candelabra. For the fire not to be blown by the wind, surround the candles with glass.

5. Locate Your Fireplace Candelabra on the Mantel. This tip is especially useful for people who use gas or electric fireplaces. In this way, the fake logs can be removed during the warm season, and on their place a candelabrum or two can be located. Your fireplace will look really classic.

6. Place Your Fireplace Candelabra on the Hearth and youíll certainly add some greenery to it in spring, multi-colored leaves in autumn or pine needles and cones in winter.

7. A Fireplace Candelabra Is a wonderful as Centerpiece for a Dining Room Table. This tip turns out to be very effective for those who donít have a fireplace. The fireplace candelabrum serves an excellent home decor item. You can just put a few beautiful candles on it and add several items of greenery. Only in a few minutes youíll get a stylish centerpiece.

8. Create a mysterious surrounding With Scented Candles. For the purpose of creating a romantic atmosphere you can use vanilla or lavender scented candles for your fireplace candelabra. Your feelings will stirred with jasmine or sandalwood scent. To emphasize your homey feelings use cinnamon and apple.

9. Use a Mirror to Reflect Light in the Firebox. Itís just incredible what an effect youíre going to get using this tip. Select the mirror of the same size your fireboxí back has. Just lean the mirror against the back of this firebox and light the candles on your fireplace candelabra. Youíre going to receive the illusion of twice as many candles.

10. Put Glass Beads Under Your Fireplace Candelabra and face a marvellous effect. Glass beads can be bought at your local craft store, itís recommended to get them the same color as your home decor. Put the beads on a tray and locate it under your fireplace candelabra. Several beads can be also scattered around the tray. These beads will reflect the light of the candles into thousands of flickering points.

So, follow the mentioned tips and youíre going to get the best home d?cor youíve ever seen in your life!

Jhon (Dog Breeder)